Grannys Cars have some of the best kept cars anywhere.

No one cares for a car like a grandmother. Kept in mind this is a concept in an attempt to list well-kept vehicles so therefore not all vehicles listed are from Grannies.

Grannys Cars is an advertising site for listing well-kept vehicles with 75,000 miles or less. There is a screening process for a vehicle to be listed.  In this process. we are requiring the sellers to list information that isn't normally given on the larger, more well known site which makes us different. If you want more details, please click here.

Many times when consumers are out to purchase their first vehicle or look for a bargain, they end up with something that is on its last leg or in other words, junk.  

We have a pre-screening process with the goal of preventing those vehicles from listing on this site because we want only well-kept vehicles listed here. 

We don't get involved in the sales transactions of vehicles listed on this site, in any way.

Contact the seller to make the purchase.



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